Gas Station & Land


The property is a building and a gas station located in a commercial and industrial area along the Tirane-Durres motorway, 12 km on the north west of Tirana city center and 23 km away from Durre city. Berxhull village is located 2km on the south of the property, Vora city is located 4.2 km on the north west of the property, while Rinas airport is located 12.7 km on the north of it. The property is located in an industrial area. Opposite the property under evaluation is located City park shopping center. The 1st floor of the 3-floor building (which has a glass fa├žade) used to be a bar-restaurant. The ceilings are made of gypsum and are in good condition. There were no windows. The 2nd floor used to be a hotel which is out of use. The external view of this floor consists of 5 duralumin balconies. This floor has 8 rooms. The access entrance door was made of glass and are in a good condition. The 3-floor building construction is made of a B/A skeleton with beams and columns, built with bricks with holes. The walls are plastered and painted. The floor covers are with solete and travete.

Price:250000 Euro
Zip Code:1000
Square Feet:360 sqft
Property Type:Gas Stations
Location:Tirane, Albania

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